A personal account of participating in the consumnes river habitat restoration projects

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In-river flood management

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Saturday, Oct. 6. Free Sailboat Rides. 1 - 4 p.m. Cal Sailing Club. Berkeley Marina. The Cal Sailing Club, a nonprofit sailing and windsurfing cooperative, give free rides on a first come, first served basis on the first full weekend of each month. The National Aquarium in Baltimore hosts research, public education, and bay restoration projects.

In addition to the behind the scenes tour seen on the left, we enjoyed a session on the aquarium's educational program, and an afternoon of unstructured time in.

Amador County (City of Ione) Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Update November Annex B. including the planning process and other procedural requirements apply to and were met by the City.

a participating jurisdiction to the Amador County LHMP Update. but appends to and supplements the information contained in the base plan document. The Sacramento Local Conservation Corps proposes a three year project to eslabllsh a new satellite program in the historic Delta gateway community of Gait.

The program recruits 10 yotmg adults fi’om Gall and its surrounding communities for an education-job skills training program, focusing on habitat management at the Casunatres River.

The Current DEIR omits inventory of natural resources and artifacts and proposes to eliminate a large habitat area in Rancho Murieta that is part of the Cosumnes River. Habitat Restoration As managers of public fishing waters, we work to provide the best fishing possible using a combination of good water quality, balanced fish populations and adequate angler access.

Aquatic plants play a part in each of these aspects.

A personal account of participating in the consumnes river habitat restoration projects
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