Derek mahon personal response to rathlin

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Derek Mahon Poetry

Antartica, After the Titanic, Ecclesiastes & Rathlin Derek Mahon Ecclesiastes Rathlin Historical event/ Lawrence Oates 1) Opens with Oate's final words "I am just going outside and may be some time." Mahon believes what he did was "sublime" but the whole situation was ridiculous. Derek Mahon - Personnal Response ‘A long time since the unspeakable violence – Since Somhairle Bui, powerless on the mainland Heard the screams of the Rathlin women’ Rathlin - Derek Mahon - Personnal Response introduction.

The second I finished reading ‘Rathlin’ I knew that it impacted me deeply, and that I learnt the joys of reading Mahon.

Derek mahon personal response to rathlin
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