Handwriting a key to personality

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Handwriting: A Key to Personality

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Here’s What Your Handwriting Says About You

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The size of your text can tell a graphologist a lot about your personality. If your handwriting is larger, it can mean you're outgoing and a bit of an extrovert, people loving and enjoy attention. This book explains all you need to know about handwriting analysis in order to produce a comprehensive profile of anyone’s personality.

It is clear, straightforward and easy to follow. If your handwriting leans to the left, you are more of a loner type who doesn't like to be in the limelight. However, if you are right handed but your handwriting leans to the left, you may be expressing a bit of your rebellious nature.

If your handwriting is upright, it implies a logical and practical nature. You also guard your emotions well. The subject of handwriting analysis and graphology is one that is all-consuming - something that mixes a liberal amount of science with art and a hint of intuition.

Graphology is a science which involves producing a complete personality profile of a certain writer by taking into consideration certain traits, characteristics and strokes of the person's handwriting. Handwriting has 17 ratings and 1 review.


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Handwriting a key to personality
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Handwriting: A Key to Personality by Klara Goldzieher Roman