Midwifery personal statement layout

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Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)(Child Health)

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Nursing in Australia

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Midwifery Personal Statement

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Complaints Each organisation must sublimate that their learners understand where people should be directed. Her efficiency certificate is proof that she is used as Midwife for the period 31 May to 31 May. Sample Midwifery Personal Statement.

Now that my children are settled into school there is time for me to pursue a career in midwifery that has been of great interest to me for many years. Midwifery Personal Statement. As a midwife, you have to be dependable and responsible as you are being entrusted with the welfare of patients in addition to their unborn child.

Must-read: midwifery personal statement guide for mature applicants Insights from midwifery students Make sure your enthusiasm for the subject and vocation is backed up with an understanding of the demands of the course, too.

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Anyway, onto Rosy’s example UCAS midwifery personal statement. I have broken her personal statement into paragraphs, pre-edit and post edit, and I’ll show you what she changed to make an excellent personal statement.

Midwifery personal statement layout
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