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Apply With An Outstanding Optometry Personal Statement

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Help with Optometry Personal Statement?

Oct 04,  · Hi, I'm currently doing my A-levels and i'm planning on studying optometry at university. I was wondering if anyone knew any interesting points about the eye that i could start my personal statement so it captures the readers attention. Also if anyone knows any links to optometry personal statement examples, it will be much instituteforzentherapy.com: Resolved.

Optometry Personal Statement Online for All According to Dr. Munroe, the aim of the optometry personal statement is to indicate three things to the admissions team: 1) personality, 2) dedication to optometry, and 3) passion and motivation that will guide you through optometry school –.

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Optometry personal statement 1. My choice to study optometry stemmed from my ambition to pursue a career that combined my fascination in the sciences with my love of working with people. According to Dr. Munroe, the goal of the personal statement is to show the admissions team mainly three things; 1) your personality, 2) your commitment to optometry, and 3) your passion and motivation that will help guide you through optometry school—the “fire in your belly.”.

The personal statement is great opportunity for a student to talk about their journey and what has led them to the decision to pursue optometry.” This is your is your chance to show admissions who you really are before they call you in to interview!

What Your Optometry Personal Statement Should Include. Personal statement is the opportunity to describe you in front of a selection committee of any institute, so it must be short, comprehensive and attractive in such a manner that it could compel the members of the selection committee to keep you in a shortlisted list of candidates for interview.5/5(11).

Optometry personal statement studential
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